Consultancy & Analysis

Advies & Analyse

We have the capabilities to advice you on a large range of topics: component design, material selection, test specifications, certification requirements and processes, maintenance strategies, inspection methods, etc.
Fatec Engineering can perform analyses in the field of fatigue life, crack growth life & residual strength, determination of load spectra, etc.

Available Tools

Fatec Engineering works with the following software: Fatiga, NASGRO, AFGROW, SuperSmith Weibull.
Additionally, Fatec Engineering uses standard analysis codes, like Eurocode, DNV, IIW, FKM.

Failure Analysis


Loss of structural integrity may lead to damages in or even failure of components. The actual cause is not always very obvious. Fatec Engineering can assist you with your failure analysis. We apply tools like fractography, stress & strength analysis, Weibull reliability engineering, etc.


Once you have found damages, you would like to know what you can expect of the life of similar components. Further it is essential to know if the damage is of incidental or systematic nature. Also in those cases Fatec Engineering can offer you support.


After the damage has been assessed and analysed it is time for solutions. Think about improved design, modification of components in service, optimised maintenance strategies and inspection intervals, better inspection methods, etc.

Vermoeiing schade analyse

Tools Development

Fatec Engineering provides support in knowledge and technology transfer. You may think about the development of calculation tools, support for the development of technical handbooks, etc.
An example: a client from the automotive industry produces welded components that have to pass certification tests on fatigue. By clever correlating the fatigue test results to FE calculation results, an easy to apply fatigue prediction tool could be developed.

Research & Development

As a specialized engineering company we always want to be at the forefront of developments in our field. This means that we are also active in the field of R&D. Fatec Engineering works on improvement of fatigue prediction models and participates in research on new materials such as fiber metal laminates.
Besides working on its own development projects, Fatec Engineering also offers the possibility of contract R&D.