Test Your Fatigue Knowledge

Did you know that the number of structural failures due to fatigue is much larger than due to static overload? Managing and preventing problems due to metal fatigue should be considered a key capability of a structural engineer. Do you want to know how your fatigue knowledge is? Do the Fatigue Knowledge Test.

Test Your Fatigue Knowledge

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We are talking about low cycle fatigue when the number of cycles to failure is less than 1000 cycles

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For fatigue analysis we should use

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The fatigue life of a structure can be calculated with an accuracy of

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What is decisive for fatigue?

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Fatigue cracks initiate much easier at the surface than in the core of a material.

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Fatigue failures are characterized by a large amount of plastic deformation.

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What is the effect of mean stresses on the fatigue limit?

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The stress concentration factor of a hole in a finite width sheet loaded in tension is larger than the stress concentration factor in an infinite sheet.

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