Guidelines for Fatigue Life Analysis 2nd Edition

by Johannes Homan

Number of pages: 187
Language: English
ISBN: 978-90-9031034-3 (ebook)


In this book, guidelines are given for fatigue life estimations and analysis. A known quote from Arthur Schopenhauer is: “Wo das Rechnen anfängt, hört das Wissen auf”. One may translate this to: “Where calculating starts, understanding ends”. The objective of this book is to give the reader background information and knowledge on fatigue analysis methods (i.e. understanding the calculation). It is therefore neither a text book nor a recipe book, but the missing link in-between.
The book presents and discusses a generic analysis method for fatigue life assessment. Further, issues like the following are discussed:
– Why it is not wise to use a fixed value for the S-N curve gradient.
– Local stress based analysis has the potential to be more accurate than nominal stress based analysis, but isn’t.
– Why it is not a good idea to use LCF tools for HCF analysis.
– An improved damage accumulation method.
– And much more.