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One-off Welcome Offer!

You have requested my ebook with a lot of valuable information. The ebook will help you to understand more about fatigue. Further you will receive emails with additional information.
But there is so much more to know about fatigue. That is why I am offering you a next step to learn the basics of fatigue.
I am offering this course with a very special price of only € 27! But you have to decide within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the offer has gone.

Introduction To Fatigue

A practical online training with which you learn the basics of fatigue.
Especially dedicated to stress engineers, structural designers, test engineers, maintenance engineers, engineering managers and similar.

Are you a structural engineer or engineering manager and are you dealing with fatigue cracking in your structures?

Fatigue life prediction is a common task for engineers. But how do we make sure that we are doing the right thing and not making mistakes?

You will face some difficult questions, like:

  • what exactly is fatigue
  • do we get fatigue failure
  • where does a fatigue failure occur
  • when does a fatigue failure occur
  • how can fatigue failure be avoided
  • etc.

What you want to know is

▶ What is causing fatigue
▶ Which factors are important for fatigue
▶ How can I control fatigue
▶ What is the fatigue life of a structure

This is what you get in the course

▶ The course Introduction to Fatigue will help you to be much more aware of fatigue problems.
▶ You will learn in three lessons what fatigue is, how structures behave under fatigue loading and which parameters have an effect on that behaviour.
▶ Additionally you will get an introduction to fatigue analysis.

What do others say about our courses

Classroom course Fatigue & Damage Tolerance for Aerospace Engineers

A great course to understand deeply how fatigue and crack growth processes work and with procedures to face on the analysis in the reality. Ignacio Mato, Premium Aerotec

The course is good both as an introduction to a F&DT engineer (though challenging) and as a source of a basic knowledge for a practising engineer. Valery Shafikov, Assystem

Great course! Really useful and complete! Javier Gutierrez Alvarez, Bishop GmbH

Very useful course for design engineers to support the knowledge of fatigue behaviour of aerospace structures and design features. Helpful to support you in the function with signature delegation. Tobias Modl, Premium Aerotec

A very complete training combining strong theoretical background with the teacher’s practical experience. But perhaps the most important point is that this course forces students to think by themselves and keep a critical mind as to what they can find in the literature. Nicolas Goots, SABCA

This course contains vital information for every stress engineer working in aerospace. Almost all topics related to fatigue and damage tolerance are discussed with sufficient detail. Taking this course will have a significant benifit to my job. ir. Christophe Ceusters, SABCA

What is the price of this course

You will pay only € 27 if you decide now. You will have access to the course for 3 months.
An online course has many benefits, like:
– Always access.
– You only need an internet connection.
– You can decide completely for yourself when to work.

About Johannes

I have a background in aerospace engineering and has specialized myself in fatigue and damage tolerance. After my graduation at Delft University of Technology (faculty of Aerospace Engineering) I started working at Fokker Aircraft as Fatigue & Damage Tolerance specialist.
In 1996 Is started my own firm: Fatec Engineering and work in this firm since then. During that period, I was also active as researcher and assistant professor at Delft University of Technology (faculty of Aerospace Engineering).

My professional life is dedicated to managing fatigue related problems. I am doing that by
▶ giving consultancy
▶ developing tools & methods for fatigue life prediction
▶ giving training on Fatigue & Damage Tolerance

For me it is important to approach this field from both theoretical (why) and practical (how) side.

Frequently Asked Questions

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