Online Training Course – Introduction To Fatigue

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This course will give you an introduction to fatigue. You will get to know the basics of fatigue, you will learn which factors play a role in the fatigue behaviour of structures, and you will learn how to design against fatigue.

The course is a must for engineers working on cyclic loaded structures. But also engineering students interested in this topic will benefit from this course.


Benefits of e-Learning

  • Worldwide access, all you need is an internet connection
  • Lower costs, no travelling and lower tuition fees
  • Increased productivity, the course can be followed in your own pace

The Course

  • 8 lessons
  • Over 250 slides
  • Each lesson will take 30-45 minutes


  1. What is Fatigue
  2. Fatigue Mechanism
  3. Effects of Materials, Mean Stress, Size & Type of Loading
  4. Effect of Notches – Stress Concentrations
  5. Effect of Notches – Fatigue Properties of Structures
  6. Effect of Residual Stresses
  7. Effect of Surface Conditions
  8. Design against Fatigue

Final Test

After the last lesson you will have the opportunity to test your fatigue knowledge. If you pass the test you will get a certificate stating that you have completed the course succesfully.


You will get access to the course for a period of 2 months.


Each registration covers only one person.


  • How to enroll
    1. Add To Basket
    2. Go through payment and checkout
    3. After payment has been completed, go to Courses > My Courses
    4. Click on the course
  • How is the course presented
    The lessons are given as presentations with a voice-over. So it is not a webinar. We have made a preview with 3 slides from 3 different lessons.
  • Final test and certificate
    The final test is part of the course and included in the price. After passing the final test a certificate will become available for download. The certificate states that you have succesfully completed this course.