Introduction to Fatigue

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This course offers you a brief introduction to fatigue. In three lessons you will learn what fatigue is, which parameters have an effect on fatigue behaviour and how to perform a fatigue analysis.


Are you a structural engineer or engineering manager and are you dealing with fatigue cracking in your structures?

Fatigue life prediction is a common task for engineers. But how do we make sure that we are doing the right thing and not making mistakes?

You will face some difficult questions, like:

  • what exactly is fatigue
  • do we get fatigue failure
  • where does a fatigue failure occur
  • when does a fatigue failure occur
  • how can fatigue failure be avoided
  • etc.

What you want to know is

  • What is causing fatigue
  • Which factors are important for fatigue
  • How can I control fatigue
  • What is the fatigue life of a structure

This is what you get in the course

  • The course Introduction to Fatigue will help you to be much more aware of fatigue problems.
  • You will learn in three lessons what fatigue is, how structures behave under fatigue loading and which parameters have an effect on that behaviour.
  • You will get an introduction to fatigue analysis.