Fatigue Analysis & FEA

Who is the course for?

  • Stress engineers
  • Structural designers
  • Engineers performing fatigue life predictions using FE-derived stresses.
  • Test engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • All kind of comparable functions

Why join the course?

This course provides an introduction to practical application of fatigue analysis (high cycle fatigue) through presentations on modern analysis methods, examples and exercises. A part of the course is dedicated to fatigue analysis using FEM.

What is in it for you?

Following topics will be discussed:

  • Fatigue life prediction methods, including:
    • Global stresses (stress concentration factors) vs. local stresses.
    • Fatigue properties of materials (fatigue limits, S-N curves, fatigue diagrams).
    • Mean stress effects.
    • Effect of surface condition, surface treatment and corrosion.
    • Load spectra.
    • Damage accumulation (fatigue under variable amplitude loading).
    • Multi-axial fatigue.
  • FEM
    • Meshing for fatigue; convergence study.
    • Post-processing; extrapolation, Gaussian points; principal stresses.
    • Singularities.
    • How to model a welded joint?
    • Linear vs. non-linear; hot-spot stresses.
  • Further
    • Identification and interpretation of fatigue critical locations.

Who will you learn with?

How to join this course?


Fatec Engineering offers the possibility to give this course at your company. For more information and/or an offer please contact us.

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