In-Company Courses

Fatigue Analysis & FEA

2-day course
Introduction to practical application of high cycle fatigue analysis
Modern analysis methods, examples and exercises
Discussion of fatigue analysis using FEM

Fatigue Seminar

Half-day seminar.
What is fatigue?
Why is fatigue important?

Introduction to Fatigue

2-day course
Overview of the many aspects of high cycle fatigue in metallic structures
Recognize, analyse and prevent fatigue problems

Fatigue & Damage Tolerance for Aerospace Engineers

5-day course
Basics and fundamentals of fatigue and fracture mechanics
Methods and tools for fatigue & damage tolerance evaluation.
Dedicated to aerospace engineering, but quite well applicable outside aerospace

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We also offer the possibility of customized courses, i.e. customized selection of topics and/or customized mixture of class training and webinars. After all, the course that fits your daily needs will be the most appropriate for you. With a customized in-company course you can select the topics that meet your requirements the best.
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What do others say about our courses

Fatigue & FEM

De cursus Vermoeiing & FEM was voor mij een leerzame en verhelderende cursus. Met name de samenwerking tussen de beide docenten, waarbij de een meer op de theoretische vermoeiingsleer gespitst is en de ander de toepassing hiervan in FEM beschrijft is erg leerzaam en zorgt voor de nodige afwisseling die nodig is voor een cursus gedurende de hele dag. Het niveau van de cursus was wat ik er van verwachte, naast het opfrissen van de nodige theorie werden er ook nieuwe aspecten behandeld die direct toepasbaar zijn in mijn huidige werkzaamheden. Kenny Hoolwerf

Fatigue & Damage Tolerance for Aerospace Engineers

Great course to get an introduction to F&DT, but to go as well deeper inside the topic. Altay Kanbur, Premium Aerotec

A great course to understand deeply how fatigue and crack growth processes work and with procedures to face on the analysis in the reality. Ignacio Mato, Premium Aerotec

The course is good both as an introduction to a F&DT engineer (though challenging) and as a source of a basic knowledge for a practising engineer. Valery Shafikov, Assystem

Great course! Really useful and complete! Javier Gutierrez Alvarez, Bishop GmbH

Very useful course for design engineers to support the knowledge of fatigue behaviour of aerospace structures and design features. Helpful to support you in the function with signature delegation. Tobias Modl, Premium Aerotec

A very complete training combining strong theoretical background with the teacher’s practical experience. But perhaps the most important point is that this course forces students to think by themselves and keep a critical mind as to what they can find in the literature. Nicolas Goots, SABCA

This course contains vital information for every stress engineer working in aerospace. Almost all topics related to fatigue and damage tolerance are discussed with sufficient detail. Taking this course will have a significant benifit to my job. ir. Christophe Ceusters, SABCA

Complete course, gives a good overview of fatigue and damage tolerance. The coursebook gives a clear explanation with practical examples and exercises. More than sufficient to explain the fatigue problems to other students. ir. Marcel van Varik, Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Highly recommended course for specific group, you need an aerospace degree, pref. MSc or BSc with experience otherwise the pace is too fast. Highly specialized course for very specific group of specialist engineers. Rick Bakker, ADSE

An intensive in-depth course based on practical experience in both aerospace and other industries. Aart Verbaas, ADSE

Courses by our Partners

Fatigue of Structures (in dutch)