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Fatigue Data

This database is a searchable database with fatigue data for a large number of materials, such as steel, aluminium, magnesium, titanium, nickel, copper and zinc alloys.
Fatigue data is difficult to find. Partly because there is not that many data available due to the large amount of testing effort to generate that data. Because of the large effort, getting test results is expensive. Since it is expensive, institutes and companies are not eager to share all data for free. To make data more accessible, Fatec Engineering offers a platform for both data users and suppliers.


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FatigaRFC is a software tool for Rainflow Counting. To use data from load-time histories in fatigue analysis, cycles need to be extracted from that history. FatigaRFC will do this job. Continue Reading →

Guidelines for Fatigue Life Analysis 2nd Edition (eBook)

In this book, guidelines are given for fatigue life estimations and analysis. The objective of this book is to give the reader background information and knowledge on fatigue analysis methods (i.e. understanding the calculation). It is therefore neither a text book nor a recipe book, but the missing link in-between. Continue Reading →

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