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The Fatec Academy is an online platform for members offering an extensive fatigue course, access to a database with fatigue data, background articles and discounts on ebooks and software.
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Key FeaturesFatec AcademyCourse Modules
Fatigue Data
Background articles about fatigue
Fatigue Course
Discount on ebooks and software30%
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Fatigue Data

This is a searchable database with fatigue data for a large number of materials, such as steel, aluminium, magnesium, titanium, nickel, copper and zinc alloys.

Background Articles

From time to time articles will be added to the Fatec Academy blog. In those articles, subjects like analysis and testing will be covered, and some case histories will be discussed.

Fatigue Course

The online course includes the following modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Fatigue Mechanism
  3. Effects of Materials, Mean Stress, Size & Type of Loading
  4. Effect of Notches (Stress Concentrations, Fatigue Properties of Structures)
  5. Fatigue Prediction using Nominal Stresses
  6. Fatigue Prediction using Local Stresses
  7. Design against Fatigue
  8. Fatigue of Welded Joints
  9. Load Spectra & Cycle Counting
  10. Damage Accumulation
  11. Effect of Residual Stresses & Surface Conditions
  12. Fatigue of Bolted Joints
  13. Effect of Environment
  14. Introduction to Macro Crack Growth
  15. Crack Growth & Residual Strength
  16. Crack Growth & Residual Strength Analysis
  17. Testing
  18. Scatter & Reliability
  19. Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Evaluation
  20. Multi Axial Fatigue

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Frequently Asked Questions

An online platform has many benefits, like:
- Worldwide access, all you need is an internet connection.
- All information and content directly available.
- Lower costs, no travelling expenses.
- Increased productivity, you decide when to work.

The Fatec Academy is a must for novice and experienced stress engineers, structural designers, test engineers, maintenance engineers and engineering managers. But also engineering students interested in this topic will benefit.

All content is available in English.

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