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Do you recognize this?

  • A part of my structure is broken, but I see no signs of overload.
  • I know my static loads, but I have no clue what loads are causing fatigue.
  • I am using stronger materials, but I still get fatigue failures. Why?
  • I thought my static stress analysis would cover fatigue, but it didn’t.
  • I found some small cracks in a component. Is that dangerous?

What you want to know is

  • What exactly is fatigue
  • What loads are causing fatigue
  • How can I control fatigue
  • How can I improve my design
  • Which factors are good and bad for fatigue
  • What is the fatigue life of my structure

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We also offer the possibility of customized courses, i.e. customized selection of topics and/or customized mixture of class training, online training and self-paced. After all, the course that fits your daily needs will be the most appropriate for you. With a customized in-company course you can select the topics that meet your requirements the best.
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