Fatigue & Damage Tolerance for Aerospace Engineers

Who is the course for?

  • Stress engineers
  • Design designers
  • Test engineers
  • Aircraft certification engineers
  • Design approval representative engineers
  • Airline maintenance engineers

Why join the course?

In this 5-day course engineers will get acquainted with fatigue & damage tolerance evaluation. Although the damage tolerance part is dedicated to aerospace engineering, the topic is quite well applicable outside aerospace. The participants will learn the basics and fundamentals of fatigue and fracture mechanics and the methods and tools for fatigue & damage tolerance evaluation.

What is in it for you?

Following topics will be discussed:

  • Introduction to Fatigue
    • Fatigue of materials – mechanism & phenomena
    • Stress concentration factors, local plastic deformations and residual stresses
    • Influence of surface condition, surface treatment and corrosion
    • Fatigue properties of materials (fatigue limits, S-N curves, fatigue diagrams, notched and un-notched specimens)
    • Fatigue loads in practice, mission analysis and load spectra, fatigue under variable amplitude loading (cumulative damage rules, interaction effects)
    • Fatigue life prediction methods
    • Low cycle fatigue
    • Fretting, fatigue of joints (lugs, bolted, welded, riveted & bonded joints)
    • Testing
    • Scatter, reliability, safety factors
    • Design against fatigue
  • Damage Tolerance
    • Introduction to LEFM (linear elastic fracture mechanics)
    • Stress intensity factors
    • Residual strength (fracture toughness, R-curves)
    • Fatigue crack growth
    • Crack growth under variable amplitude loading
    • Crack and damage detection
    • Crack growth predictions (tools)
    • Design & safety concepts
    • Fatigue & damage tolerance evaluation

The course will be given in English.


Participants will get the book “Guidelines for Fatigue Life Analysis” for free!

Who will you learn with?

Johannes Homan (MSc), Fatec Engineering

How to join this course?


Fatec Engineering offers the possibility to give this course at your company. For more information and/or an offer please contact us.


  • Course fee: € 1595 (excl. taxes).
  • Location: Near The Hague, The Netherlands.
  • If you are interested in joining the course, please fill in the form below. A course date will be fixed as soon as we expect to have sufficient attendees to the course. You will be informed about course date and exact location by mail and will get the opportunity to register.
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