Our Fatigue Courses

Fatigue Seminar

Half-day seminar.
  What is fatigue?
  Why is fatigue important?


Introduction to Fatigue

2-day course.
  Overview of the many aspects of high cycle fatigue in metallic structures.
  Recognize, analyse and prevent fatigue problems.

Fatigue Analysis & FEA

2-day course.
  Introduction to practical application of high cycle fatigue analysis.
  Modern analysis methods, examples and exercises.
  Discussion of fatigue analysis using FEM.

Fatigue & Damage Tolerance for Aerospace Engineers

5-day course.
  Basics and fundamentals of fatigue and fracture mechanics.
  Methods and tools for fatigue & damage tolerance evaluation.
  Dedicated to aerospace engineering, but quite well applicable outside aerospace.

In-Company Courses

We also offer the possibility of customized courses, i.e. customized selection of topics and/or customized mixture of class training and webinars. After all, the course that fits your daily needs will be the most appropriate for you. With a customized in-company course you can select the topics that meet your requirements the best.
Interested? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of such courses.

Courses by our Partners

Fatigue of Structures