About Fatec Engineering

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Johannes Homan (Owner / Fatigue Expert)

Our Business

Fatec Engineering is a Dutch company, established in 1996 by Johannes Homan. Fatec Engineering provides advice, support and training in the field of structural integrity, especially fatigue. The clients of Fatec Engineering can be found in aerospace, rail and road transport, off-shore, maritime, defense, infrastructural industry, mechanical engineering, and many more.

About Johannes

I have a background in aerospace engineering and has specialized myself in fatigue and damage tolerance. After my graduation at Delft University of Technology (faculty of Aerospace Engineering) I started working at Fokker Aircraft as Fatigue & Damage Tolerance specialist.

For me it is important to approach fatigue from both theoretical (why) and practical (how) side.

After the bankruptcy of Fokker Aircraft in 1996 I started my own firm: Fatec Engineering. Since then I work in my firm. During that period, I was also active as researcher and assistant professor at Delft University of Technology (faculty of Aerospace Engineering) and as researcher at GTM Advanced Structures.

My former colleagues from Fokker Aircraft still form a large network. And even after 25 years, this network provides me with interesting projects.



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  • Articles in Fokker Technical Handbook TH3.
  • Articles in “Handbuch Struktur Berechnung” (see Memberships)


Guidelines for Fatigue Life Analysis, 2017, ISBN 978-161-627-239-5.


Fatec Engineering is a member of the German IASB. This organization is responsible for the HSB (Handbuch Struktur Berechnung), a structural handbook, which is part of the Luftfahrt-Technische Handbücher.