Can structures recover from fatigue?

I like cycling. When the weather is fine (or not so fine) I really like to make a nice tour through the countryside. Sometimes easy going, but sometimes it will be a real work-out. So after the ride I’ll have a nice beer and a good rest. And next morning I’m fully recovered!

Does that work for my bicycle?

You could always try to give your bicycle a good rest as well. Unfortunately, fatigue in metallic structures is irreversible. Once a crack is initiated, it will not heal anymore. So my bicycle will not recover from a bumpy ride just be sleeping.

Is that bad?

Not necessarily. Despite of not recovering, my bicycle may still be able to reach a reputable age. How? Well, avoiding fatigue in a structure starts with a good design. But what do we need for a good design. In short: we need knowledge and experience. It takes time to obtain this. To speed this up, we might help you. Just look and see how…..