Fatec Engineering contributes to PAO Fatigue Course

Starting from november 8th, PAO Techniek & Management will organize the course Fatigue of Structures. The course gives an overview of the many aspects of fatigue. A fatigue failure can have various causes, such as: the quality of the material, production processes, structural design, improper use of strength / reliability calculations, underestimation of the load spectrum, misuse of the product, or an accidental overload in the past. It is clear that many different aspects have influence on the fatigue resistance. The ability to deal with fatigue should therefore be considered as an integral piece of engineering knowledge.

Fatec Engineering will once again give a major contribution to the course.

The course location is Eindhoven. Dates: 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 & 23 November. The course will be held in Dutch.

For information about the course, visit the website